Reelcraft Water Hose Reels

Retractable Water Hose Reels

Water Reels by Reelcraft

These water hose reels are designed to be mounted centrally and used for watering and washdown. They offer longer lengths of larger I.D. hose, are spring driven, and come equipped with garden hose end fittings (designated by an NH). Most featured models* include hose, bumper and inlet hose, providing a reel solution out of the box.

* 7850 OLPSW57 Does not include inlet hose

BENEFITS of Reelcraft Retractable Water Hose Reels:
• The Spring is made from high quality spring steel and conditioned to remove imperfections--to provide long life.
• Structural Strength Reel components are made from industrial grade steel and ribs are added for greater stability.
• Ease of Use Guide arm is easily adjustable to a variety of positions. Hose bumper maintains desired working hose length.
• Corrosion Resistant Parts are individually powder-coated for high quality, uniform paint adhesion. The result is a brilliant abrasion/corrosion resistant finish that keeps these reels looking new through years of use.


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