Reelcraft Urea Dispensing Reels

Reelcraft Urea Dispensing Reel

Reelcraft introduces UR7000 Series spring retractable hose reels for urea dispensing equipment.
Designed to aide in the servicing/dispensing of urea on-board systems for late model diesel engines, these reels are an integral part in urea dispensing equipment found in truck stops, service stations and garages.

Dispensing equipment is going to become more prevalent across the United States due to the federal emissions standard mandate of 2010. The reel itself incorporates an all stainless steel fluid path and Viton® o-rings for the dispensing of this aqueous ammonia fluid.

BENEFITS with the Reelcraft Urea Dispensing Reel
• Corrosion Resistance Steel reels are individually powder coat painted prior to assembly for maximum corrosion resistance. Stainless models are nearly impervious to weathering.
• Heavy Duty Steel stampings are engineered with structural forms to give added strength and rigidity.
• Designed for ease of maintenance to allow for access to any wear items, guide arm and bumper stop -- using only standard tools.
• Reel stores expensive hose up and out of harm’s way greatly extending the service life of your hose.


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