Air Vending Reels

Reelcraft Air Vending Reels

This compact Air Vending  reel is designed for air service and able to handle 25’ of 1/4”.
It is small enough to be incorporated into air service stations or inside cabinets on trucks.
Reelcraft Air Vending Reels comes equipped 
from the factory constant tension without a latch pawl.
It utilizes a “jump guard” to eliminate the possibility of hose jumping off the spool due to extremely violent return or operator error.
A tougher one wire braid hose is included to resist abrasion and crushing.

BENEFITS of the Reelcraft Air Vending Reels:
• Compact Designed for tight spaces to easily enable mounting in cabinetry
• Durable Reel is made from heavy gauge industrial steel and the hose is abrasion/crush resistant one wire braid.
• Corrosion Resistant Components are individually powder coated prior to assembly for a nearly impervious uniform finish.
• External guard eliminates the possibility of hose “jumping” off the spool during rewind.
• Serviceable external swivel design offers easy access to parts that may need servicing.

Need economical garage or shop medium duty reels?


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